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Did you miss your favorite TV shows again last night?  It happens to most of us at one point or another, and up until recently, unless you were blessed to have a Tivo or some other DVR, you were out of luck.  Sure, you could always go to the websites for each of the individual shows, but if they are on different networks, that’s such a hassle!

Well, fortunately, there’s a much simpler way to watch all of your favorite shows, and the best part is that it’s completely free.  I’m talking about Hulu, a free streaming television service that allows you to subscribe to your favorite TV shows just like you would subscribe to a blog or podcast.  Any time a new episode is aired, it will be automatically added to your queue and can be streamed at the click of a button.  The catch? Episodes usually aren’t available until the day after they air (which I don’t mind at all).

One great bonus about Hulu: you can find old TV shows right alongside new shows, and to my knowledge, this is the only place to find them other than buying the DVD or through a video rental service like Blockbuster or Netflix.  There’s nothing like watching an episode of Flash Forward followed by an episode of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

To get started, just go to and sign up for an account.  Then search or browse for your favorite shows and add them to your subscriptions.  You can also find clips of shows in case you only want to watch certain parts (this works well for SNL or The Daily Show), or even full movies (very limited selection of movies at this time).

Sign up now at

BONUS #1: You can now watch your Hulu queue without even opening your web browser with the Hulu Desktop application (available for Mac, PC, or Linux).  Download Hulu Desktop

BONUS #2: For the more adventurous techies out there, if you own an AppleTV, you can hack it and install Boxee to watch Hulu from your living room without even turning on your computer, but that’s a whole different blog post…

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Hulu is amazing! We actually got to watch the first episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle this past Sunday. Sure beats the current Sunday morning cartoon selection!

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