Grocery iQ: Nearly Perfect iPhone/iPod Touch App

Grocery iQ screenshot courtesy of
Grocery iQ screenshot courtesy of

The idea behind Grocery iQ is a very simple concept:  put your shopping list on your iPhone or iPod Touch.  But as many things, the beauty is in the details.

Grocery iQ lets you search a database of over 100,000 items, either by keyword or UPC barcode, and add them to your list.  You can also keep track of the items you purchase regularly in your Favorites.  You can also group certain items by store, such as Publix or Sam’s Club, or leave them in a general “Any Store” list.  Each item can be assigned an aisle, and if it is found in the database, the aisle is automatically assigned.  You can also rearrange the aisles at each store to match your local store’s exact layout.